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We're on a mission to educate & inspire

We’re on a mission to educate and inspire more women about the opportunities a career in tech can offer. We hope to help make technology a more diverse and inclusive working environment for everyone.

We think it’s about time the number of women in technology increased.

We recognise that part of the challenge is to demystify the perception of what a career in technology offers whilst inspiring more women to join our industry.

In January 2019, we kicked off our first Women in Tech campaign to understand why there are so few women in the sector and how we can educate and inspire others to consider a career in technology.

Our mission is to create a diverse community in which women will be equal participants in creating and developing the products and services that shape our industry.


of people at ANS are female


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Build a career in Tech

We recognise that empowering women and creating a balanced environment is paramount and should be at the top of every organisation’s agenda.

Here at ANS, we’re making a conscious effort to not only hire more women into the technology industry but also raise awareness of the amazing opportunities a career in tech can bring.

In the last year, we have recruited 20 females and promoted 14 of our existing female employees. We’ve also held an array of networking events, talking panels and virtual webinars to raise awareness and grow the WIT community.

Meet our 2021 Women in Tech Ambassador, Megan

Megan’s background isn’t one you might expect.

Having spent 10 successful years in banking and travel sales, she felt it was time to take on a new challenge to help her grow both professionally and personally.

Bringing with her communication skills, a desire to help customers, a knack for problem solving and a relentless energy, Megan joined ANS in February 2019. No career change is without its challenges but those transferable skills gave her the confidence to dive head first into her role and it wasn’t long before the successes started rolling in.

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Meet the team

Meet some of the incredible women who work at ANS

Wondering what a day in a tech role could look like for you?
Unsure if your skills are transferable?

Take a look at our female employee’s stories below to understand the opportunities it could bring to you, or better still reach out and start a conversation with them via LinkedIn.

Industry Lead for Retail, Travel and Transport, WIT Ambassador

Megan Corlett

As our 2021 Women in Tech Ambassador, Megan’s vision for the year is to raise awareness of the opportunities a career in tech can bring for those outside of the industry whilst demystifying ‘tech speak’.

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Quality Assurance Tester

Georgina Hughes

“I never planned to work in tech. I started out with an apprenticeship in social marketing with an app dev company but soon wanted to learn how to dev. We started getting bigger projects that needed testing and I saw the opportunity and embraced the change which ultimately led me to my role today.

I would say communication is the skill I need most each day. Using Azure DevOps, it’s my job to take information from multiple departments, analyse it and make sure everything is working as it should be for the customer.

I definitely see myself in a management role in the future but for now I’m enjoying embracing new possibilities and the different types of projects that are out there.”

Senior Product Designer

Zoe Crossley

“I work with our customers to understand their requirements of what they want tech to do for them. I wouldn’t be able to do that if I didn’t have strong empathy skills. Every day I immerse myself in their needs and how an application’s design will give their users the best experience.

I love that my work can have an impact on people’s lives. Some apps are used by thousands of people and for a long time, you’re giving them something of value and bringing their visions to life. It’s really exciting.

I used to be so quiet but being in tech has really helped me come out of my shell and grow into the confident person I am today. The more presenting I did, the more natural it became. Having that support and someone who believes in me really changed things.”

CSOC Technical Analyst

Kirsty Fitzpatrick

“I started the ANS apprenticeship in 2016 and since then I’ve gone from strength to strength. Now a fully integrated member of the networks team, I build relationships with our carriers to understand how we can bring the most value to our customers.

Speaking with suppliers every day has enabled me to because a trusted advisor to our customers and help them reach the technical outcomes they’re looking for.

Dealing with people is the best part of my job. I’ve really developed a confidence I never had before when solving problems. It’s only when you look back and see how much you’ve learnt and achieved!”

Director of Professional Services

Rachel Wood

“With a background in banking, I never thought I would end up in tech but 6 years later, I wouldn’t have it any other way., I soon learnt working in tech was more about the people and culture which suited me down to a T.

I have over 70 direct reports, all with different skillsets and talents which can seem overwhelming. What has helped me is the confidence of knowing my own role and knowing when I should be leaning on other people for their expertise.

A career in tech has give me opportunities I wouldn’t get anywhere else. Tech is thriving right now, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what technology can do and I consider myself really lucky to work in this industry.”

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Here at ANS we are aware that women within the tech industry are in a minority. That is why we are making a conscious effort to recruit more women. Could that be you?

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If there’s one thing we care about at ANS, it’s your personal growth and development. Working closely with your manager, you’ll develop a plan to build on your career, goals and skills to help you become the best you can be, together with us.

We only hire great people and we believe great people deserve great things. When you give us your hard work, determination and passion, we’ll be sure to make it worth your while – from knockout summer and christmas parties to flexible working, birthday’s off, private healthcare and access to Perkbox, the UK’s leading employee reward & recognition platform. If this all sounds up your street, be sure to apply!