What is Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Motivation for every company’s digital transformation is to improve the customer experience. To be successful and competitive in the market today, organisations need to build personalised and meaningful relationships with their customers. And in order to do that, they need to have a complete view of their customer data.

Customer Insights helps companies to gain a 360 view of their customers by connecting all sorts of data from various different data sources. This pre-packed tool enables you to pull all your customer data into one location and then segment that data to gain insights into customer behaviour, driving personalised customer experiences.

How is it different to Power BI?

Customer Insights uses Artificial Intelligence to improve your understanding of your customers’ needs. The data collected sits on a Common Data Service (CDS), it then uses sophisticated algorithms to match customer records from disparate systems, that wouldn’t normally have customer IDs in common.

All the customer transactions still happen in their source systems, that data is then sent to Customer Insights which applies AI to match the data to a common customer profile. These data sets, or entities, make up unified customer profiles which can then be normalised to reuse in other applications.

Customer Insights maps the data and determines which attributes to link to each customer profile. It also monitors the quality of the matches with filters that lay out conditions and precision levels.

This unified data enables you to create metrics and KPIs based on the segments of data that you create. This makes targeting defined groups of customers simple and you can even extend this functionality with custom machine learning models in Azure.

Data can be segmented by variables such as demographic, transactional or behavioural patterns, giving you deep insights into what your customer wants.

The pre-built Dynamics 365 controls are focused on understanding the customer better. You don’t have to be a data expert to use Customer Insights, making it easily accessible to any one in your team.

How does it link to Power BI?

Customer Insights seamlessly links to Power BI as they both sit on the same CDS. Your complete customer profiles can be visualised in Power BI which you can then share with other people in your organisation.

From here, you can create a Power App that lets you view a complete customer profile. You can see everything right from recent activity, to targeted recommendations, to when they first became a customer.

Customer Insights is a powerful tool which allows you to unify and understand your customer data, map custom data sources to the Microsoft Common Data Model, orchestrate the customer journey across touch points and channels and enable AI to derive insights to deliver personalised processes and experiences.

To learn more about creating meaningful, personalised customer experiences with Customer Insights, watch the on-demand webinar. And if you still want more, head to our Customer Insights hub.

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