Transforming patient care with improved information sharing across the NHS

The ability to exchange medical information quickly and efficiently across the NHS and wider care delivery system is vital. The NHS is under increasing pressure to provide better patient care, while improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Data sharing presents an opportunity to address all of these challenges, enabling our stretched healthcare services to operate in the most efficient way possible, while digitising and streamlining patient care.

Most information across Health & Social Care is held on disparate IT systems where it can’t be easily accessed by those directly involved with the citizen. Without this interoperability, no carer can know as much about the person as they should or indeed need to.  Tests may be repeated, inappropriate care may be given and hospital stays may be extended. To address this issue, the North West Shared Infrastructure Services (NWSIS) team launched the Lancashire Person Record Exchange Service (LPRES) – a programme to deliver a joint approach to information sharing via a health information exchange (HIE) platform from world leading, Healthcare Information Exchange Solution Provider, Tiani-Spirit.

The Tiani health information exchange enables relevant information to be available to authorised members of clinical and social care teams, in order to support the delivery of timely patient care. With patient consent, data from the GP record, acute and community providers is made available across the health economy on demand. By providing a centralised technology platform and programme support mechanism to facilitate the exchange of information about citizens, LPRES has improved efficiencies for front line care givers, transformed patient care by enabling new ways of working, and empowered citizens across Lancashire and South Cumbria to have access to their Health and social care record in order to participate in their own care management. Collaborating and sharing information about patients and service users across care boundaries,  equips care givers’ with access to the right information, at the point of care delivery.  This is vital in enabling them to improve continuity of care, as well as reducing unnecessary diagnostic tests and providing more efficient services for patients and their carers.

In order to deliver this programme more effectively, Tiani Spirit and LPRES approached ANS to migrate the Tiani health information exchange central platform from a Hybrid data centre to the AWS public cloud, providing production ready public cloud capability. The move to AWS is supporting LPRES to deliver the following enhancements:

  1. Streamlined services and better patient care
    The AWS Cloud platform will facilitate digital adoption, allowing healthcare providers to deliver care online, streamline services, reduce inefficiencies and free up valuable staff time to spend on delivering direct patient care.
  2. Providing the potential for greater data insights
    As healthcare providers continue to gather aggregated clinical information, the potential to turn this data into intelligent, strategic decisions grows. Empowered with this information, care providers can look to improve service delivery and ultimately patient experience and outcomes, enabling services to quickly analyse throughput, identify areas of inefficiencies and guide continual improvement.
  3. Cost savings
    NWSIS can expect to achieve cost reductions through operational efficiency, greater visibility of costs and greater governance to control spend. ANS are providing a co-managed service and as part of this project, giving NWSIS access to ANS GLASS – an instant and real-time service management portal. Through GLASS, NWSIS can harness ANS’ intelligent cloud cost explorer feature allowing them to view their current spend in real-time, track billing history to reveal departmental spend and view all savings to date.

To find out more about the project, watch the full case study video below.

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