Supporting Serco’s global growth plans

Serco Group PLC provides end-to-end business process outsourcing (BPO) services to governments and private sector customers across the globe and has about 53,000 employees. In the UK and Europe, it operates across a number of sectors, from running hospital facilities to managing the Caledonian Sleeper that runs up to Scotland.

The need for a new CRM platform was highlighted when Serco was looking at future growth strategy for the organisation. Katy Bassett, Sales Operations and Enablement Director for the UK and Europe, explains:

What we recognised at that time was that the tool that we were using to support our sales environment, Salesforce, had actually been adjusted and evolved over time. It no longer met the needs of either our IT strategy moving forward, but also the needs of the users.

Serco was migrating a lot of its portfolio to Microsoft, so chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its new CRM platform. Serco recognised that it did not have the expertise or capability in-house to ensure that the tool it configured was right and appropriate, or to migrate information from Salesforce into Microsoft Dynamics 365. So Serco chose ANS because of its blend of IT support and technical development, and the business-led work streams. ANS had a well-defined Salesforce switching methodology and could work to a tight timeframe.

Improved win rates and conversion rates

Increased leads and built pipeline

Improved forecasting

Supported management decision-making

Maximised time spent selling

ANS worked with Serco to look at the key business outcomes that Serco wanted to achieve with Microsoft Dynamics 365. After outlining the business outcomes, ANS was able to help Serco to configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure that the organisation could achieve these goals.

According to Katy Bassett, three things made ANS stand out as a partner. She explains:

The first, and the most important, is absolutely the people. The thing that I think we’ve been most impressed by is the consistency and the quality of those individuals. “The second thing and third thing, which are linked for us, is that we did this project to time and budget and we did this between 12 and 13 weeks, which for an organisation of the scale and size of Serco is quite incredible.

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