What is Monitoring-as-a-Service?

The ANS MaaS monitors 30,000+ devices/ resources across our entire customer base, both in cloud and on-premises, and through the combination of a dedicated event management team bolstered by world class AI analysis, we’re able to understand what a customer’s ‘Known Good’ state looks like.

Empowering you through our service.

This service will enable you to:

Leverage ANS expertise

We remove the need for specialist skills, training and third-party tooling as well as software upgrades, freeing up the time and effort required to manage data protection holistically, so your team can focus on business value tasks. Plus, we’ll keep you in the loop with service performance reports during your monthly Service Management Reviews.

Adopt next generation tooling
Integrate with existing technologies

Key Considerations.


What is your current approach to monitoring?


Are you confident you are monitoring your entire infrastructure, and not just critical core components?


How are you distilling the torrent of alerts allowing you to focus on critical events?

24x7 monitoring

Do you monitor your infrastructure 24x7x365? And are you able to action critical alerts/ events out of hours?

Get maximum value from your service

Compatible Services

We take a high-touch approach to service management across all of our managed services to provide you with a consistent experience regardless of the service consumed. Check out these other compatible services for Monitoring-as-a-Service.

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