How GMCA and NEL CSU are using the Microsoft Power Platform to combat Covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the landscape of public services forever. Public sector bodies have reacted in a radically positive way, providing digital solutions to problems at an unprecedented scale to ensure the health and safety of citizens everywhere. During our recent Public Sector Virtual Lunch, we caught up with Jon Burt, Lead Enterprise Architect at Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), and James Davis, Head of Innovation at North East London CSU (NEL), to find out how they have embraced working in innovative ways, including use cases to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

GMCA – identifying and containing potential outbreaks

The track and trace initiative is one that is continuously changing as we ease out of lockdown and government guidelines change. Primarily, this is done at a national level, so if someone produces a positive test, 1 of 25,000 government workers will use a form to find out who they have been involved recently and where, as well as offering advice on self-isolation.

Often track and trace cases are very complex and require involvement from local authorities to track a case closely and effectively. GMCA turned to ANS and the Microsoft Power Platform for a solution identify and contain potential outbreaks in places such as workplaces, housing complexes, care homes and schools.

Within Dynamics 365, GMCA are able to triage, evaluate and action complex cases of Covid-19 all in one place. They are able to store data on confirmed Covid-19 cases and those with symptoms along with information regarding who they have come into contact with, where they have been and who else they may have infected and take action to prevent it spreading.

This data can then be sent back to the national systems, using evidence, to help authorities across the UK gain a better understanding of the spread of coronavirus.

Learn more about how to use Dynamics 365 to track and trace complex cases of Covid-19 here.

NEL CSU – tracking and coordinating 15,000 members of NHS staff

North East London NHS Trust was experiencing the challenges of tracking and coordinating a large number of NHS staff during the height of the pandemic.

At Royal Free Hospital, part of the trust, there are around 15,000 members of staff alone and it quickly became apparent that they needed a way in which they could get clear and consistent advice about how to approach different scenarios that may arise during the coronavirus pandemic.

It was important that managers and other members of staff had information on whether staff are well and working, self-isolating or on annual leave to help management identify areas where more doctors and nurses are needed, enabling them to address staffing issues quickly.

ANS worked with NEL to build a mobile-friendly application using the Microsoft Power Platform which works by storing employee information on the common data service which feeds into the application. This allows staff to easily log in and notify the hospital if they are, or are not, able to work.

Having one centralised area for staff to log information and their working status meant the trust could offer consistent advice across the teams remotely. Along with the app, NEL adopted O365 and Azure licensing which brought with it more connected teams and more collaboration at the trust.

Find out more about how to monitor staff resources levels here.

In case you missed our Digital Lunch, you can watch the full conversation below.

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