Enabling Victrex to leverage new business opportunities

Victrex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance polyaryletherketone materials; comprising of two divisions: Victrex Polymer Solutions that focuses on transport, industrial and the electronics markets and Invibio Biomaterial Solutions that focuses on providing specialist solutions for medical device manufacturers.

Victrex’s growth and business evolution had outstripped the functionality of the existing Saratoga CRM. The group’s IT Director felt his team was spending too much time firefighting and building bespoke reports. In fact, it took 1.5 fulltime heads just to keep the CRM system working at its existing levels of capability.

Victrex was drawn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and its integration capability, which meant that finally it would have a system where existing applications such as sales order processing, invoicing, BI and marketing would talk to each other.

Rapid deployment

Reduced costs

Greater insights for greater control


Gained pipeline visability

Gained large scale adoption

With the new Dynamics CRM solution, Victrex’s IT team  has now been able to reduce the resources to 0.5 of a full-time head to simply manage new projects meaning they have been able to shift their focus from being reactive to proactive.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has enhanced Victrex’s ability to take advantage of new business opportunities, supported by the tools needed to measure, manage and track all engagement processes. The solution has also enabled Victrex  to save £35,000 per year in resource alone.

With a global footprint and highly dispersed workforce, the intelligence that can now be gathered and displayed has enabled the Victrex board to make resource placement decisions based on real, rather than speculated, forecast information.

For the first time at a board meeting, the Managing Director was able to turn up with sales forecasts that were accurate and a true reflection of what was going on.

James Fleming
Group IT Director
Innovation Hub

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