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How to avoid replatforming your clinical applications when migrating to cloud
Posted 6 Sep 2021
Migrating to the cloud can help transform the way healthcare services are run; with digital solutions, the healthcare providers can offer quicker and more seamless services, in turn improving patient outcomes.
2 minute read
5 Unbeatable Reasons to Join the ANS Academy
Posted 16 Aug 2021
As the anticipation, excitement and in some cases, commiserations of results week come to a close, you might find yourself, along with thousands of other school and college leavers, unsure of your next steps. The recruitment market has gone wild and there are endless opportunities available but where do you start when it comes to choosing an industry, a role, a career path?
Why cloud is a game changer for software gaming companies
Posted 4 Aug 2021

Today, video gaming engages around 2.8 billion people globally, and this number is expected to exceed 3 billion by 2023. With that many gamer imaginations to capture, software gaming companies have no time to waste when it comes to optimising their cloud environments. As companies also worry about increasing churn rates and tough competition, the acquisition and […]