Automating Critical Communication with Power Apps

The NHS is over-stretched, under-funded and resources are scarce. Then a pandemic is thrown into the mix. It’s now more critical than ever that the NHS has access to the right digital capabilities to support and connect NHS Trusts during these unprecedented times.

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, Microsoft has made the Power platform free for organisations on the front line of providing Covid-19 services. Using Power Apps, healthcare organisations can now deploy critical apps in hours to help automate crisis communication or help to manage and allocate resources.

At ANS, we’ve been working non-stop building solutions to help NHS Trusts do just that. We built a Power App in just 3 days that will allow NHS Trusts to gain a better understanding of where staff are working and where more people are needed if a high number of employees are self isolating. The app works in two ways, there’s the staff portal and the manager’s portal. Let’s start with the staff portal.

NHS staff are able to log in easily as their information is stored securely on a Common Data Service which feeds data into the app. Staff are notified that they need to let the Trust know if they can work today or not. If yes, they simply log it in the app and head to work.

If they are not working on that day, they need to their manager know via the app quickly and easily. There are a number of reasons why an NHS worker is unable to work at this time, whether that be because of annual leave, sickness due to non Covid-19 reasons, symptoms of Covid-19 or they are classed as ‘at risk’.

Let’s say the employee is self-isolating because they are showing signs of coronavirus. They’ll be asked to fill in a quick form about their condition i.e., do they have a cough, a raised temperature, have they been tested and any other details they think are relevant to share. The employee can also tell their manager how long they will be self-isolating for using the app.

Let’s turn to the managers portal. All the data put in by the employees can be visualised in a Power BI dashboard. Using bespoke filters, managers are able to see the numbers of coronavirus cases in certain locations and the number of staff available there to help. Also, they can determine what resources are needed where and how many tests have been done in different locations.

It’s more important than ever that we use technology as an enabler to help us beat Covid-19 together. One of the best things about Power Apps is that deploying this capability to another CDS or organisation is seamless since it’s not bespoke. It can even be deployed in a matter of hours!

Want to see the app in action? Just watch the video

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Microsoft are providing offers and support to empower organisations on the front line of Covid-19 to take advantage of the solutions and are making Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Apps portals and Power Virtual Agents available for a free six-month product offer? Check it out here.

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